Alaskan Natives A-C

Alaskan native village community profiles arranged alphabetically from A to C.

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  • Barter Island - See Kaktovik Village
  • Barrow – See Native Village of Barrow Inupiat Traditional Government
  • Barter Island – See Kaktovik Village
  • Belkofski – See Native Village of Belkofski
  • Bettles Field – See Evansville Village
  • Bill Moore’s Slough – See Village of Bill Moore’s Slough
  • Brevig Mission – See Native Village of Brevig Mission
  • Buckland – See Native Village of Buckland


  • Cantwell – See Native Village of Cantwell
  • Cheesh-Na Tribe (formerly the Native Village of Chistochina)
  • Chefornak – See Village of Chefornak
  • Chenega – See Native Village of Chenega (aka Chanega)
  • Chevak Native Village
  • Chignik Bay Tribal Council (formerly the Native Village of Chignik)
  • Chignik Lagoon – See Native Village of Chignik Lagoon
  • Chignik Lake Village
  • Chilkat Indian Village (Klukwan)
  • Chilkoot Indian Association (Haines)
  • Chinik Eskimo Community (Golovin)
  • Chistochina - See Cheesh Na' Tribe
  • Chitina – See Native Village of Chitina
  • Chuathbaluk – See Native Village of Chuathbaluk (Russian Mission, Kuskokwim)
  • Chuloonawick Native Village
  • Circle Native Community
  • Clarks Point – See Village of Clarks Point
  • Copper Center – See Native Village of Kluti Kaah
  • Cordova – See Native Village of Eyak
  • Council – See Native Village of Council
  • Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes
  • Craig Community Association
  • Crooked Creek – See Village of Crooked Creek
  • Curyung Tribal Council (formerly the Native Village of Dillingham)
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Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove

King Cove is located on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula, on a sand spit fronting Deer Passage and Deer Island. It is 18 miles southeast of Cold Bay and 625 miles southwest of Anchorage.

The area encompasses 25.3 sq. miles of land and 4.5 sq. miles of water.

Birch Creek Tribe

Birch Creek Village is located along Birch Creek, approximately 26 miles southwest of Fort Yukon. It is home to Dendu Gwich’in Athabascans .

Akiachak Native Community

Akiachak is a Yup’ik Eskimo village with a fishing and subsistence lifestyle. It is located 12 miles northeast of Bethel on the Kuskokwim River. The city was the first in Alaska to dissolve its city government in favor of Native village governance.

Alatna Village
Allakaket Village
Anvik Village
Beaver Village
Chalkyitsik Village
Chickaloon Native Village