Alaskan Natives K-M

Alaskan native village community profiles arranged alphabetically from K to M.

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  • Kake – See Organized Village of Kake
  • Kaltag – See Village of Kaltag
  • Kaktovik Village (a.k.a. Barter Island)
  • Kanatak – See Native Village of Kanatak
  • Karluk – See Native Village of Karluk
  • Kasaan – See Organized Village of Kasaan
  • Kaskigluk Traditional Elders Council (formerly the Native Village of Kasigluk)
  • Kenaitze Indian Tribe
  • Ketchikan Indian Corporation
  • Kiana – See Native Village of Kiana
  • King Cove - See Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove
  • Kipnuk – See Native Village of Kipnuk
  • Kivalina – See Native Village of Kivalina
  • Klawock Cooperative Association
  • Klukwan – See Chilkat Indian Village
  • Kluti Kaah – See Native Village of Kluti Kaah (aka Copper Center)
  • Knik Tribe
  • Kobuk – See Native Village of Kobuk
  • Kokhanok Village
  • Kongiganak – See Native Village of Kongiganak
  • Kotlik – See Village of Kotlik
  • Kotzebue – See Native Village of Kotzebue
  • Koyuk – See Native Village of Koyuk
  • Kwethluk – See Organized Village of Kwethluk
  • Kwigillingok – See Native Village of Kwigillingok
  • Kwinhagak – See Native Village of Kwinhagak (aka Quinhagak)


  • Larsen Bay – See Native Village of Larsen Bay
  • Lesnoi Village – See Tangirnaq Native Village (a.k.a. Woody Island)
  • Levelock Village
  • Louden Village – See Galena Village
  • Lower Kalskag – See Village of Lower Kalskag


  • Manley Hot Springs Village
  • Manokotak Village
  • Marshall – See Native Village of Marshall (aka Fortuna Ledge)
  • Mary's Igloo – See Native Village of Mary’s Igloo
  • McGrath Native Village
  • Mekoryuk – See Native Village of Mekoryuk
  • Mentasta Traditional Council
  • Minto - See Native Village of Minto


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King Island Native Community

King Island Native Community was originally located on King Island in the Bering Straits, approximately 40 miles due south of Cape Prince of Wales and the village of Wales, or 80 miles northwest of Nome. The village site on King Island which is located on the south side facing Russia, is called Ukivok (OO-Q-Vok). In the early 1960’s, social and economic pressures and opportunities persuaded island residents to relocate to Nome.

Koyukuk Native Village

Koyukuk is a Koyukon Athabascan village located on the Yukon River near the mouth of the Koyukuk River, 30 miles west of Galena and 290 air miles west of Fairbanks. It lies adjacent to the Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge and the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge.

Metlakatla Indian Community, Annette Island Reserve

The Metlakatla Indian Community resides on the Annette Island Reserve, the only Native Reservation in Alaska. Congress declared Annette Island a federal Indian reservation in 1891. The Metlakatla voted to opt out of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of the 1970s and retained rights to their land and waters.