Chickaloon Native Village


Chickaloon Native Village was one of the first Tribes to be affected by outside development. Dating as far back as 1900, Chickaloon Village’s traditional territories have been subjected to large scale resource extraction including coal, copper and gold mining, oil and gas drilling, and logging. The Glenn highway and railroad construction also impacted Chickaloon’s Tribal lands negatively.

Official Tribal Name: Chickaloon Native Village

Address: Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, PO Box 1105, Chickaloon, Alaska 99674
Official Website:

Recognition Status: Federally Recognized

Traditional Name / Traditional Meaning:
Nay’dini’aa Na’ – meaning “the river with the two logs across it.”

Alternate Names / Spellings: Previously known as Chickaloon Village

US Culture Region: Subarctic

Alaskan Ethnic Group: Indian

Alaskan Native Culture: Ahtna Athabascan Tribe

Alaska Geographical Region:

Alaska Borough / Census Area:

Alaska Native Regional Corporation: Cook Inlet Region, Inc (CIRI)

Agency: Anchorage Agency

Alaska Native Association: Chickaloon-Moose Creek Native Association
Chickaloon-Moose Creek Native Association (CMCNA) was officially incorporated on August 29, 1973. CMCNA was created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 and is a village corporation.

Tribal Council: Chickaloon Village Traditional Council
Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC) is federally and internationally recognized as a Traditional sovereign government with a nine member traditional council that is the governing body for Chickaloon Native Village.

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Today, the community of Chickaloon’s boundaries extends along the Glenn Hwy from the Kings River at mile 65.5 to Puritan Creek at mile 89.

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Tribal Enrollment:
Chickaloon-Moose Creek Native Association had forty-two (42) original shareholders, each having 100 shares of stock for a total of 4,200 shares. Due to death/inheritance and gifting of shares, there are now more than the original 42 shareholders, but the amount of stock remains the same. In order to be listed as one of the original 42 shareholders, you had to prove that you were at least 1/4 degree Alaska Native blood and came from Chickaloon Village.

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Language: Athabascan >> Ahtna

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