Doyon, Limited


With the land entitlement of 12.5 million acres, Doyon, Limited is the largest private landowner in Alaska and is one of the largest private landowners in North America. Its lands extend from the Brooks Range in the north to the Alaska Range in the south. The Alaska-Canada border is Doyon’s eastern border and the western portion almost reaches the Norton Sound.

Today Doyon has over 18,000 shareholders and its headquarters are located in Fairbanks.

Doyon Drilling is the corporation’s largest subsidiary, producing more than half of the corporation’s revenues. The subsidiary is actively engaged in arctic drilling activity on the North Slope. Doyon is a partner in a gas exploration project in the Nenana Basin and the corporation also holds prospective gas resources in the Yukon Flats.

Doyon’s family of companies provide a wide range of services, including catering, facility maintenance, security, tourism and support for oil, gas and mining construction across Alaska. Doyon also manages real estate assets and has operations in the tourism industry.

Doyon’s mission is to continually enhance its position as a financially strong Native corporation in order to promote the economic and social well being of its shareholders and future shareholders, to strengthen the Native way of life, and to protect and enhance its land and resources.

Native Villages and Native Corporations in the Doyon Region:

Community Name Corporation Name
Alatna K’oyitl’ots’na Limited
Allakaket K’oyitl’ots’na Limited
Anvik Ingalik Inc.
Beaver Beaver Kwit’Chin Corporation
Birch Creek Tihteet’aii Inc.
Birch Creek/Kantishna Neechootaalichaagat Corporation
Canyon Village Kian Tr’ee Corporation
Chalkyitsik Chalkyitsik Native Corporation
Chicken Forty-Mile Inc.
Circle Danzhit Hanlaii Corporation
Deacons Landing Deacons Landing Inc
Dot Lake Dot Lake Native Corporation
Eagle Hungwitchin Corporation
Evansville Evansville Inc.
Falt Doratoi Inc.
Ft. Yukon Gwitchyaazhee Corporation
Galena Gana-a ‘Yoo Limited
Grayling Hee-yea Lingde Corporation
Grouse Creek Grouse Creek Corporation
Healy Lake Mendas Cha-ag Native Corporation
Holy Cross Delocheet Inc.
Hughes K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited
Huslia K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited
Kaltag Gana-a’yoo Limited
Kokrines Kokrines Ic.
Koyukuk Gana-a’yoo Limited
Manly Hot Springs Bean Ridge Corporation
McGrath MTNT Limited
Medfra Medfra Native Council Inc.
Minto Seth-de-ya-ah Corporation
Munchumina Minchumina Natives Inc.
Nenana Toghotthele Corporation
Nikoli MTNT Limited
Northway Northway Natives Inc.
Nulato Gana-a’yoo Limited
Rampart Baan-o-yeel kon Corporation
Ruby Dineega Corporation
Shageluk Zho-Tsa, Inc
Stevens Village Dinyea Corporation
Takotna MTNT Limited
Tanacross Tanacross Inc.
Tananna Tozitna Limited
Telida MTNT Limited
Tetlin Tetlin Indian Reservation
Venetie Venetie Indian Reservation
Wisenak Wisenak Inc.

Leading Causes of Death in the Doyon Region

Between 2011-2013,  1,650 people died in the Doyon Region. The top 5 causes of death were:

1) Malignant Neoplasms (398)
2) Diseases of the Heart (310)
3) Unintentional Injuries (169)
4) Cerebrovascular Diseases (84)
5) Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (78)