Alaskan Natives D-J

Alaskan native village community profiles arranged alphabetically from D to J.



  • Eagle – See Native Village of Eagle
  • Eek – See Native Village of Eek
  • Egegik Village
  • Eklutna Native Village
  • Ekuk – See Native Village of Ekuk
  • Ekwok – See Native Village of Ekwok (previously listed as Ekwok Village)
  • Elim – See Native Village of Elim
  • Emmonak Village
  • English Bay – See Native Village of Nanwalek
  • Evansville Village (a.k.a. Bettles Field)
  • Eyak – See Native Village of Eyak (Cordova)



  • Gakona – See Native Village of Gakona
  • Gambell – See Native Village of Gambell
  • Georgetown – See Native Village of Georgetown
  • Golovin – See Chinik Eskimo Community
  • Goodnews Bay – See Native Village of Goodnews Bay
  • Grayling – See Organized Village of Grayling
  • Gulkana Village


  • Haines – See Chilkoot Indian Association
  • Hamilton – See Native Village of Hamilton
  • Holikachuk – See Organized Village of Grayling
  • Hoonah Indian Association
  • Hooper Bay – See Native Village of Hooper Bay
  • Hydaburg Cooperative Association


  • Igiugig Village
  • Iliamna – See Village of Iliamna
  • Inalik – See Native Village of Diomede
  • Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope
  • Iqurmuit Traditional Council (formerly the Native Village of Russian Mission)
  • Ivanoff Bay Village
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Latest Articles:

Evansville VillageThe village of Evansville, Alaska was settled in the late 1940s when Wilfred Evans, Sr. and his brother-in-law Frank Tobuk relocated their families to the area from Alatna, Alaska, to take advantage of the economic opportunities presented when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) built an airfield and communications facility. Evansville is located at the foot of the Brooks Mountain Range. 
Galena VillageBrief Introduction
Healy Lake VillageThe 5-mile long Healy Lake lies on the course of the Healy River, 29 miles east of Delta Junction. Healy Lake is a mixed Athabascan and non-Native community.
Holy Cross Village
Hughes Village
Huslia Village