Athabaskan languages spoken in Alaska


The 31 Northern Athabaskan languages are spoken throughout the interior of Alaska.

The differences among Athabaskan languages may be compared to differences among Indo-European languages. Thus, Koyukon and Dena’ina are about as different as French and Spanish, while Koyukon and Gwich’in are as different as English and Italian.

Eyak and Athabaskan together form a genealogical linguistic grouping called Athabaskan–Eyak.

The Alakan athabaskan languages include:

    • Ahtna
    • Deg Xinag
    • Dena’ina/Tanaina
    • Gwich’in/Kutchin
    • Hän
    • Holikachuk
    • Koyukon
    • Lower Tanana
    • Middle Tanana
    • Tanacross
    • Upper Tanana
    • Upper Kuskokwim.