Native Village of Unga


Unga lies on the southeast coast of Unga Island, in the Shumagin Islands of the Aleutian Chain. Unga is no longer occupied year-round.

Official Tribal Name: Native Village of Unga

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Recognition Status: Federally Recognized
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Alaska Geographical Region: Aleut Corporation, (Official Website)
Alaskan Village Corporation: Unga Corporation
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Village History:

Abandoned village on Unga Island

Abandoned village on Unga Island

It was an Aleut village first reported as “Delarov” in 1833, with a population of 116, and then as “Ougnagok” in 1836.

The “Ounga” post office was established in 1888, and changed its name to Unga in 1894. The post office closed in 1958.
The island is now used for subsistence activities, only, and there are no permanent residents.

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Climate and Topography:

Unga lies in the maritime climate zone. Temperatures range from -9 to 76. Snowfall averages 52 inches, with total annual precipitation of 33 inches.

Transportation Services and Facilities:

Float planes or boats are the only means of transportation to Unga.

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Other Services and Utilities:

There are no public facilities at Unga.



Employment / Economy:
There is no employment in the area. The area is a subsistence-use site.

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