Common Aleut Objects


Here is a list of common objects made by the Aleut peoples.






Baidarka – A sea going Aleut kayak. Two types were created, one with a covered deck that was used as a hunting kayak, and another that was open and capable of carrying goods and people from one island to another.

Kamleika – An Aleut robe made from sea mammal (mostly sea otter) intestine, which was light and waterproof. They also sometimes had robes to protect against threats such as heavy wind and rain. They were sewn with grass, and each took around a month to make.

Another type of kamleikas were made as ceremonial robes, and were much more decorative than the hunting kind. These did not have hoods, and had beads all over the robe. After contact with Russians and Europeans, they were given as gifts.

Ulaq – Partially underground earth lodge or pit-house used by the Aleuts.