Former Chief P. Peter discusses Gwich’in culture


As a member of the Athabascan (Gwich’in) tribe of the “Venetie Indian Reserved” of 1.8 million tribal lands located south of the brooks range in the northern interior of Alaska, our way of life is to respect the mother earth and it’s animals. When a hunter is given an animal, he is to pray for thanks to our great creator with upmost cleaness of the meat and weapons.

Most of our food are smoked and dried. Caribou and Moose, Salmon, lake Fish and berries are our main cruisine.

Our traditional laws are historical and strict if wrongness enters the tribe it is poison and must be destroyed immediatly otherwise the tribe will not survive.

Only common good for the tribe is the goal. Example: In the past if wrongness is commited by a member, the leader warns him or her and the next time it happens again by the same individual. their life is ended with the war horn club.