Afognak Native Corporation


The Afognak Native Corporation includes the villages of Afognak¬†and Port Lions. The Afognak Native Corporation was organized in 1977 through the merger of two ANCSA village corporations: Port Lions Native Corporation and Natives of Afognak, Inc. It is governed by a nine member board of directors. Afognak Native Corporation has many business interests. For 18 years it participated in and profited from timber development ventures on Afogank Island. It also operates a number of successful subsidiaries including Leasing, Bioenergy Operations and Oil Field Services. In the late 1990s, the Afognak Native Corporation launched a government contracting business. The ANC is a wealthy corporation and was listed in the Top 100 Contractors of the Federal Government in 2010. Coming in at No. 79, The Afognak Native Corporation’s contracts were $749,557,576.49. Afognak Native Corporation entities also received NASA Small Business Contractor of the Year Award in 2013. [8] The Corporation’s profile is listed as “Construction and Engineering” services.[9] The Afognak Native Corporation has approximately 900 shareholders and pays over $12 million in dividends annually. The Afognak Native Corporation controls over 160,000 acres of land in the Kodiak Archipelago and the lands form the core of financial success of the corporation.[10] In 2012 the Afognak Native Corporation sued Tom and Grace Malmberg over the misjudgment of one-fifth of an acre of land in a remote area of Kodiak Island where the couple had built a home and raised their family for thirty years. The Afognak Native Corporation refused to accept a land exchange for five acres of timbered land next door to the land in question, nor would they allow the couple to purchase the land. The Afognak Native Corporation will likely burn the home and the family’s belongings.