Evansville, Incorporated


Evansville, Incorporated is the Native village corporation for the Evansville Village and was incorporated and organized in accordance with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), of 1971, Section 8 and the laws of the State of Alaska.

Under provisions of ANCSA, Evansville, Inc. received a land entitlement of 69,000 acres. Selection of the final acreage, approximately 5,000 acres, has been made and approved by the federal government. Conveyance of the final 5,000 acres is expected in the near future.

The corporation’s land base is located in the vicinity of Evansville/Bettles in proximity to the John and Koyukuk Rivers just south of the Brooks Mountain Range. The land lies between the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve to the north and the Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge to the south.

Protection and preservation of its land base is a priority of the Board of Directors. The Board allows a variety of traditional uses on its land for shareholders and non-shareholders under permit or other formal agreement. However, it is a goal of the Board to retain the land base in Evansville, Inc. ownership to the fullest extent possible. Land related policies and management activities strongly reflect this goal.

Land and business activities are managed by a seven member Board of Directors elected by the seventy-one shareholders each year at the Annual Shareholders Meeting.

The corporation maintains an office in Fairbanks, Alaska. Contact with Evansville, Inc. personnel can be made by mail at P.O. Box 60670, Fairbanks, Alaska 99706, by telephone at 907-374-7084, or by e-mail at evansvilleinc@hotmail.com.