Chugach Alaska Corporation


Chugach Alaska Corporation (CAC) is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation with its corporate headquarters located in Anchorage, Alaska. Chugach has more than 6,500 employees worldwide with regional offices in Washington, D.C., Nevada, Alabama and Hawaii. More than 2,200 shareholders of Aleut, Eskimo and Indian heritage elect the members of CAC’s Board of Directors (all of whom are Alaska Natives).

Chugach is globally recognized as a premier provider of base operations and facilities maintenance services. Its proven track record of delivering cost-saving, award-winning services to its commercial clients and the federal government has earned the corporation recognition as a leader in its industry.

In addition to its core businesses of Base Operations and Facilities Maintenance, other Chugach subsidiaries provide business services in the areas of General Construction & Construction Management; Civil Engineering; Oil & Gas Services; Educational Services; Environmental/Oil Spill Response Services; Information Technology; Telecommunications; Employment Services; Manufacturing Services.

CAC subsidiaries also have expertise in: Providing complete project services and construction of commercial and government facilities; Providing full scope of Information Technology services including network security and monitoring; Operating the best trained and equipped oil spill response organization in the world; Recognized for excellence in providing training and maintenance for the U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Programs; Proven history of success in operating in extremely remote locations including the Western Pacific Islands, Canada, Africa, Spain and Turkey.

Chugach has been recognized as an industry leader for offering exceptional value and customer service. Chugach provides cost-saving, award-winning services to the government while maximizing benefits to the American taxpayer.

Chugach focuses on providing meaningful benefits – employment opportunities, educational assistance, and cultural conservation – to shareholders to fulfill the intent of ANCSA and preserve the culture of the Chugach people for future generations.

Native Villages and Native Corporations in the Chugach Region:

Community Name Corporation Name
Chenega Chenega Corporation
English Bay English Bay Corporation
Eyak Bay Eyak Corporation
Gulkana Ahtna (Sta-Keh Corporation)
Icy Bay Chugach Natives Inc
Port Graham Port Graham Corporation
Tatitlek Tatitlek Corporation

Leading Causes of Death in the Chugach Region

Between 2009-2013, 350 people died in the Chugach Region. The top 5 causes of death were:

1) Malignant Neoplasms (79)
2) Diseases of the Heart (65)
3) Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (25)
4)Unintentional Injuries (21)
5) Cerebrovascular Diseases (19)