Aleut Corporation


The Aleut Corporation was established in 1972 under ANCSA. The corporation received a settlement of $19.5 million, and was entitled to 70,789 acres of surface lands and 1.572 million acres of subsurface estate. Voting shares of stock were issued to 3,249 shareholders.

Most of the Aleut Corporation’s ANCSA selections are on the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian, Shumagin, and Pribilof Islands, situated between Port Moller and the Alaska Peninsula and the western tip of Atka Island. The corporation owns the village site of Attu as well as numerous historical and cemetery sites between Atka and the Alaska Peninsula.

The Aleut Corporation currently manages and sells sand, gravel, minerals and rock aggregates as part of its subsurface rights within the region.

The Corporation’s primary areas of business are real estate, government operations and maintenance contracting, aggregate sales, and investments in oil and gas producing properties and marketable securities.

Native Villages and Village Corporations in the Aleut Region:

Community Name Corporationoration Name
Akutan Akutan Corporation
Atka Atxam Corporation
Belkofski Belkofski Corporation
False Pass Isanotski Corporation
King Cove King Cove Corporation
Nelson Lagoon Nelson Lagoon Corporation
Nikolski Chaluka Corporation
Pauloff Harbor Sanak Corporation
Sand Point Shumagin Corporation
St. Paul Tanadgusik Corporation
St. George St. George Tanadax Corporation
Unalaska Ounalashka Corporation
Unga Unga Corporation

Leading causes of death in the Aleut Region:

Between 2009-2013,  98 people died in the Aleut Region. The top 5 causes of death were:

1) Malignant Neoplasms (21)
2) Diseases of the Heart (19)
3) Unintentional Injuries (12)
4) Cerebrovascular Diseases (5)
5) Diabetes (5)