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Legends / Oral Stories


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The little boy who was left behind

As Told By: Lydia Bogren, age 16

Kaa too wu kin yoo xat du wasaakw Shugkeidee aya xat Xeitl hit dax Kwaashi Kwaan yadi aya xat
My name is Lydia Bogren. My clan is shungukeidee I come from the Thunderbird House I am the grandchild of Kwaashki Kwaan.

The people were at the head of the Alsek River. This river runs very swift so our people pulled canoes with a rope. Along the way they stopped at a camping spot to have lunch. During this time a 4-year-old boy wandered off to go hunting for little birds. The clan finished with lunch and decided to move on, forgetting that the little boy was still out hunting.

Origin of Light, an Inuit Legend

In the early times, there was only darkness; there was no light at all. At the edge of the sea a woman lived with her father. One time she went out to get some water. As she was scraping the snow, she saw a feather floating toward her.

Why the others are all afraid of the men from Sheep Bay

The people from Port Wells and Chenega came to Sheep Bay and had a big meeting in the smoke house. It was winter. They were getting ready to hunt mountain goat next day.