Pauloff Harbor Village

Pauloff Harbor is located in the Aleutian Island Chain on the northern coast of Sanak Island, 50 miles southeast of False Pass.      

Official Tribal Name: Pauloff Harbor Village

Address: Phone: Fax: Email: Official Website: Recognition Status: Federally Recognized Alaskan Ethnic Group: Alaskan Native Culture: Alaska Geographical Region: Alaska Borough / Census Area: Alaska Native Regional Corporation:  Aleut Corporation, (Official Website) Alaskan Village Corporation: Sanak Corporation Alaska Native Association: Tribal Council: Agency: Related Tribes: Language: Traditional Name / Traditional Meaning: Alternate Names / Spellings: Village History: The community name differs from the harbor on which it is located, which is Pavlov Harbor. A post office was established here in 1949. The island is now unoccupied. The People: Government: Climate and Topography: The area lies in the maritime climate zone. Temperatures range from -9 to 76. Snowfall averages 52 inches, with total annual precipitation of 33 inches. Transportation Services and Facilities: Float planes or personal boats from False Pass or King Cove are the primary means of transportation. Local Governmental Services: Other Services and Utilities: There are no public facilities at Pauloff Harbor. Schools: Media: Employment / Economy: There is no employment in Pauloff Harbor, though the rich resources of the area would make a subsistence lifestyle possible. Income / Poverty Level: Housing: Clans / Societies: Tribal Flag: Tribal Emblem: Legends / Oral Stories: People of Note: In the News: Further Reading: