The Twelve Months of the Year in Inupiaq


Here are the names and meanings of the months in Inupiaq.

January = Aunik

Month when you open the door and steam rolls in

February = Nachiatchiek

Month when the seals migrate north

March = Chunausiviik

Month when people carve the boat

April = Umituvik

Month when people go out with the boat (Umiaq)

May = Noghiavik

Month when reindeer lay their fawns

June = Iktlaunukvik

Month of small fish

July = Ichavik

Month when birds molt

August = Ichauilauvik

Month when birds get their new wings

September = Amighlichavik

Month when reindeer lose their velvet

October = Obrukchavik

Month when squirrels lap up the frost

November = Augivik

Month of Eskimo dancing and joyous time after harvest

December = Gipchuk

Month of the homemade top, Christmas